Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

By | February 15, 2015

Introduction to “Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits”

Himalayan Salt LampFor many years, some European countries have used salt mines and hot salt springs to help people feel a sense of rejuvenation and overall sense of calm. These salt mines and hot springs are so beneficial to people because they create oxygen-rich air bursting with negative ions. Negative ions have the potential of cleansing the air you breathe and can help counteract excessive positive ions which is bad for health.

Hence, a Himalayan salt lamp benefits us by doing all of the above and it also creates a tranquil ambience to your home with the soft orangey glow from the crystal salt.

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Himalayan Crystal/Rock Salt

ID-100187214The Himalayan crystal/rock salt had millions of years to mature under intense heat and pressure of the tectonic movement in the Himalayan mountain regions, protected from any exposure to impurities. It is made up from salt that originated from oceans millions of years ago (approximately 250 million years old), which were free from any man made contaminants. The rock salt was formed from the evaporation of the sea by the sun’s energy. Therefore, the Himalayan rock salt is actually natural ancient sea salt.

Every day miners travel 1500 meters (4921 feet) deep underground, beneath the Himalayan foothills to bring out crystal rock salt for all of human kind to use. Mined crystals come in a variety of shades including white, pink, peach, orange, and red.

How Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits Us

The healing properties of salt are known in the traditional medicine field of work. Crystal salt has been used as a healing agent since the beginning of time. Himalayan crystal salt can either be consumed as salt in our food or be used as a lamp indoors for our health benefit.

So how exactly does Himalayan salt lamp benefits us? A Himalayan salt lamp in our home naturally improves indoor air quality by creating healthy negative ions. It is very important to have high levels of negative ions in the air to reduce airborne bacteria, mold, viruses and allergens that are the cause of ill health.

The forces of nature create negative ions through rainstorms, waterfalls, lightning, wind and ocean waves. Remember how fresh the air felt like after a rainstorm? That’s the work of the negative ions cleaning the air of pollutants, making the air fresh, bursting with oxygen and easy for us to breath.

Scientific research has proven that the amount of negative ions in the environment beneficial to humans, should range between 1000 to 1500/cm3. During rush hour in big cities, the amount of negative ion does not even reach 100. Indoors it might only reach 200.

Placing a Himalayan salt lamp indoors can dramatically increase the amount of negative ions in the air. It does this by drawing water molecules from the air to the surface of the salt lamp, (known as Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits hygroscopy) forming a NaCl and H20 solution. Sodium is a positive ion, and Chloride, a negative ion. Hydrogen has a two part negative charge and Oxygen is a positively charged ion. These ions create a reaction of two positive ions and three negative ions. After canceling each other out, one lone negative ion is produced and released into the air by the heated salt lamp. This negative ion seeks out the first positive ion like a dust, or bacteria particle and destroys it, leaving the fresh feeling of oxygen rich air in the room.

Salt lamps are also used in color therapy i.e. chromotherapy because of their color and soothing light which helps neurotic persons to feel calm and people suffering from insomnia to sleep better.

Many people don’t know that electrical appliances including computers, TV’s, microwaves, cordless phones, mobile phones etc emit large amounts of positive ions into the air. Having a salt lamp near these electrical devices can help reduce positive ion built up indoors.

How Are The Himalayan Salt Lamps Made?

The Himalayan salt lamps are made from salt crystals that come in various sizes and shapes. They resemble very much like rocks in terms of shape and weight but have the distinct orangey red colour to them. Some are pinkish in colour.

Himalayan Salt Lamp BenefitsEach rock salt lamp is unique and hand carved using the crystal salt extracted from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. No two lamps are alike. The lamps come in natural or sculpted shapes. Sculpted lamps are available in a variety of shapes such as spheres/globes, pyramids, cones, blocks, bowls, etc. These lamps can be lit up by electrical bulbs or with tea-lights placed in the middle of the rock salt.

Where To Position The Salt Lamps

A Himalayan salt lamp has a limited range. A single salt lamp cannot improve the air quality of an entire house. Its range is limited to a small area. That’s why it’s better to have a few salt lamps placed in different areas in the house for maximum benefit.

The following are a few areas to place your Himalayan salt lamp for optimal benefits:

  • In your bedroom
  • In your office, preferably near your work area
  • Beside your computer and TV set
  • In children’s bedroom
  • During meditation, beside you
  • Near your study desk
  • In smokey areas
  • In message rooms and spas, etc

Basically place the salt lamp anywhere indoors where you want the air quality to improve!

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Taking Care Of Salt Lamps

Due to the hygroscopic properties of Himalayan rock salt (absorb moisture from the air), Himalayan Salt Lamps should not be allowed to get wet. This is because the rock salt will start to melt as it absorbs excessive moisture. Therefore, don’t place the salt lamps in damp rooms, outdoors, or in humid conditions.

If for any reason your salt lamp should get wet, do the following:

  1. switch off at the power source and remove the cord from the electrical socket.
  2. Remove the rock salt slowly from the base unit.
  3. Then wipe the rock salt with a dry cloth.
  4. After that, replace the rock salt back on the base unit and switch on the lamp to let the rock salt dry.

If you live in humid weather conditions, it’s strongly recommended you have your rock salt lamp on for long hours every day to keep it as dry as possible.  For example, you can leave the salt lamp on during the night time and then switch it off in the morning or leave it on during the day time and then switch it off at night.

If the Himalayan salt lamp gets a bit dusty or dirty, switch off the power source and remove the cord. Using a lightly moisten cloth (wring out completely), gently rub the dirt off the lamp. Then allow the lamp to dry by replacing the cord back to the power source and switching on the lamp.

(Source: http://www.rocksaltlamps.com.au/care/)

Types of Himalayan Salt Lamps

There are various types of Himalayan salt lamps. There are electrical ones and ones that use a candle or tea light to heat it up and emits a calming soft orangey light.

There are various shapes of the rock salt lamps, from roughly cut to smooth cut shapes, from large ones to small ones. The types of shapes do not affect differently the benefits of the Himalayan salt lamps to us. Any type of shape gives the same benefit to us. It’s just the size of the rock salt makes the difference whether how far a distance the salt lamp benefits can be reached. The bigger the rock salt the further its effect on a particular room.

So it’s best to have a few medium sized salt lamps in a room to have full coverage of the Himalayan salt lamp’s benefits. A very large salt lamp will be very difficult to carry because of its heavy weight, especially when you need to change the bulb. It is called rock salt for a reason – it weighs as heavy as a rock!

The following are a few types of the Himalayan salt lamps that are available in the market:

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Crystal Allies Gallery: Natural 6″ to 8″ Himalayan Salt Lamp Ionic Air Purifier on Wood Base with Cord, Light Bulb & Authentic Crystal Allies Info Card

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

 WBM Himalayan Light  # 3002  Natural Air Purifying  Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt 1 Tealight Candle Holder

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

WBM Himalayan Light # 1301 Natural Air Purifying   Himalayan wide round basket salt lamp with Salt chunks,  Bulb and dimmer switch

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

WBM Himalayan Light # 1451 Globe  hand carved  Natural Air Purifying  Himalayan Salt Lamp with Neem Wood Base, Bulb and  Dimmer switch

Himalayan Salt LampCrystal Allies Gallery: Natural 6″ Himalayan Salt Fire Bowl Lamp w/ Rough Salt Chunks with Cord, Light Bulb & Authentic Crystal Allies Info Card

Himalayan Crystal Salt LampIndus Classic Himalayan Electric Salt Crystal Lamp, 7 in, pyramid-shaped

Himalayan Salt Candle LampWBM Himalayan Light # 3023  Natural Air Purifying   Hand Carved Himalayan Crystal Salt 1 Hole Tealight Candle Holder Cylinder

If you wish to find out more about any of the above Himalayan salt lamps, please CLICK on the linked description under the rock salt lamp’s picture.

How I Use Salt Lamps In My Home

Ever since I found out about the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps, I have placed a salt lamp in every room possible in my house. The air in my home does feel fresher and more comfortable to be in when the salt lamp is on, compared to when it’s turned off. It tends to feel a bit stuffy when the salt lamp is turned off.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlso I love the ambiance of the orangey glow of light that emits from the Himalayan salt lamp. It gives out a feel of calm and relaxation that makes you feel comfortable and want to stay in the room for a longer period of time.

I always have a salt lamp on near an electrical device that’s turned on like a TV, computer, radio, air conditioner etc., to reduce the harmful effects of positive ions emitted from them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI also place a salt lamp near a bed in all the bedrooms in my home. My family and I have the Himalayan salt lamps turned on every night (as near as possible to our beds), all night long as we sleep. It’s really very soothing and relaxing to have the salt lamps on when going to bed. You tend to sleep better at night. At least I do!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo there you have it! I place a salt lamp where ever possible in my home to bring in more negative ions indoors, to get that clean and fresh air feel!

Putting It All Together

The Himalayan rock salt is truly something magnificent from our past that is present in our lives today. The goodness of the perfect ecosystem from millions of years ago, free from man’s destructive contamination of nature, is frozen in time crystallised in the Himalayan rock salt.

We can have some of that goodness in our homes by using Himalayan Salt Lamps. These salt lamps are very beneficial to our health and are very easy to take care off.

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