Building A Kitchen Island/Utility Table With Minimal Tools

By | August 9, 2016

kitchen Table.1For a few years now, I have been wanting a kitchen utility table i.e. a small kitchen island to be placed beside my kitchen stove. What I have been using until now is a big box that I got from buying an oven a few years back. Yep, that’s right a box. And over the years, the box has become unsteady and soft, and I’m worried it will one day just collapse.

So when my brother decided to throw out his old wooden (made of MDF) bed, I decided to keep the wood and make good use of the MDF. That’s how this kitchen island/utility table project got started.

Please click here to check out the youtube video where I show you how my brother and I did it. For a written explanation, please keep on reading.

First, we cut the following dimensions of wood:

Kitchen Island Utility Table

Note that C1, C2, C3 and C4 are all same sized pieces.

We first attached A to C1 by placing A on top of C1 and then predrilling 3 holes from the top of A into the sides of C1, to insert screws into them. (Please refer to the picture on the bottom).Kitchen Islan Utility Table.2


Then we attached C3, C2 and C4 to A the same way. Please refer to the following diagram for the placement of C3, C2 and C4 to A.

Kitchen Island Utility Table.3

Then I screwed in a plastic L bracket into the centre of C1, C2, C3 and C4 (on the sides facing the inside of the table) to give the lower shelf (B) more support. If you’re going to place heavy things on this shelf, then I suggest adding 2 L brackets made of metal instead of the 1 plastic one. I’m not going to place heavy things on the shelf, so the plastic one is fine.

After this, I marked on the outer part of each leg where it joins the shelf (B) with 2 lines, so I’ll know where to insert the screws to join the legs to the bottom shelf. Then I marked another line in the centre of the 2 lines to be more accurate in placing the 2 screws. Kitchen Island Utility Table.4

After this, I predrilled and screwed in two 1 ¼ inch screws into the sides of the legs where I drew the middle line (as shown in the following picture), about 250mm from both the edges. This will both keep the frame ridged and also give support to the lower shelf.

Kitchen Island Utility Table.5

Then I followed the same steps for the other 3 legs (C2, C3 and C4) and we are done installing all the pieces.

Now all is left to do is some sanding with first a rough grain sand paper to remove the rough edges and then using a fine grain sand paper to smoothen the surface of the boards. After all the sanding, I use a lightly damp cloth to remove all the sand dust from the surface of the boards. Then it’s time to apply a coat of primer to the small kitchen utility table, and after the primer is completely dry I did some light sanding and again with a lightly damp cloth I removed all the sanding dust from the surface.

I then applied a coat of white paint to the kitchen utility table. I waited for about 3 days for the paint to completely dry and only then I moved on to sanding with a fine grain sand paper to smoothen the surface of any uneven painted areas. Then again I wiped of the sanded dust off the surface with a lightly damp cloth. And finely, we are done! Yay!

This small island for the kitchen is both easy to make and very sturdy. It’s quite heavy and hence does not move easily when bumped into. This is because of the MDF wood we used. It is also very cheap to make. I saved at least RM200 making my own kitchen island table instead of buying a new one.

Now I like to mention here that we only used minimal tools to do this project – a jigsaw to cut all the wood and a cordless drill for the drilling and screw driving. That’s it. No other power tools were used.

I also wanted to mention that this is our first time ever trying at wood working. It was both educational and fun. We did make a mistake when cutting the MDF boards – we didn’t use a jigsaw guide to make a straight cross cut. We just drew a straight line across and used freehand when cutting with the jigsaw. That’s a very bad idea because the boards were not cut straight. Luckily, we were still able to make the small kitchen island with these boards.

So that’s it. A complete break down on how my brother and I built this very easy and cool kitchen island/utility table with minimal tools.

Please check out this You Tube video where I show you how we made the kitchen island/utility table.

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